Fall 2017

Articulatory Phonetics
  Tools for Analyzing the World's Languages 4th ed. - Anita C. Bickford & Rick Floyd - ISBN: 97815567116657  
Beginning Greek
  New Testament Greek for Beginners, 2nd ed. - J. Gresham Machen & Dan G. McCartney - ISBN: 013184234X  
Bible Doctrines I
  Basic Theology - Charles C. Ryrie - ISBN: 9780802427342  
Bible Praying
  How to Pray - R. A. Torrey - ISBN: 1920265198  
Chronological Bible Teaching I
  *Firm Foundations, Secure in Christ - New Tribes Mission  
Church Planting (module)
  The Y-B-H Handbook of Church Planting - Roger McNamara & Ken David Davis - ISBN: 9781597811033  
  God's Work in God's Way - William Dillon - ISBN: B0006C6MNQ  
Daniel and Revelation
  The Prophecies of Daniel - Lehman Strauss - ISBN: 9780884690894  
  The Book of Revelation - Lehman Strauss - ISBN: 9780884690900  
English/Grammar Composition
  *Handbook of Grammar & Composition, 5th Ed. - James A. Chapman  
Hebrew History
  The Heart of Hebrew History - H. I. Hester - ISBN:B0007EB8VY  
Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics - J. Edwin Harthill - ISBN: 0310272556
Interpersonal Relationships
  Conflict or Connection: Interpersonal Relationships in Cross-Cultural Settings - Levi Keidel - ISBN: 961775122  
  Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships - Sherwood Lingenfelter & Marvin K. Mayers - ISBN: 9781585580279  
  Building Bridges Not Walls - Jeff Rosenau - ISBN: 1576833941  
Marriage and Family
  A Firm Foundation - Paul Chappell - ISBN: 0965285960  
Missionary Life
  Encountering Missionary Life and Work - Tom Steffen & Lois McKinney Douglas - ISBN: B00D6IE09A  
  The Deputation Manual for Missionaries - Austin Gardner & Tony Howeth - ISBN: B00R561X4Y  
  Pack Up Kids, Let's Go! - Rachel M. - ISBN: B00YJWY8T4  
Missions in History
  From Jerusalem to Iran - Ruth A. Tucker - ISBN: 0310239370  
  Peace Child - Don Richardson - ISBN: 0830737847  
Old Testament Survey
  Encountering the Old Testament, 2nd Ed. - Bill T. Arnold & Bryan T.Beyer - ISBN:9780801031700  
Pastoral Epistles
  The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to Timothy and Titus - Oliver B. Greene - ISBN: B0007DOIEY  
Pauline Epistles
  KJV Bible  
Practical Missionary Skills
  KJV Bible  
Public Speaking
An Essential Guide to Public Speaking - Quentin Schultze - ISBN: B00B85AI1W
Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Warfare and Missions: The Battle for God's Glory Among the Nations - Jerry Rankin & Ed Stezer - ISBN: 9780805448870
Strategic Missions
Operation World: When We Pray God Works, 21st Century Edition - Patrick Johnstone & Jason Mandryk - ISBN: 1850783758
  Send Me, I'll Go: Letting the Mission Choose Your Direction - Jake Taube - ISBN: 9781619581821  
Women in Ministry (module)
It's a Wonderful Life - Terrie Chappel - ISBN: 1598940082
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