William R. Duttry, D.D.

Dear Friend,

pastorGod has burdened my heart to establish Biblical School of World Evangelism (BSWE) to prepare both men and women for the ministry who have a passion for world evangelism.  If we are going to see an increase in the number of people reached for Christ before His imminent return, we must focus more on the world and our own responsibility in God's glorious plan in calling out a people for His Name!

What kind of student comes to BSWE?  It is one who is seeking a strong Bible training with an “all peoples” perspective.  God has called all of us to have a heart and a message for the millions of untold and unreached for whom He has suffered, died, and risen again.

First Baptist Church of Milford is an excellent training ground for most of your ministry preparation.  We seek to communicate and practice the strategy of world evangelization to our people.  God has blessed us with over forty missionaries sent out of His church here; and God is still calling men and women from among us to go to the unreached with the Gospel message.  God has also provided us with the privilege and opportunity to print His written Word and make it available to many nations which have not previously had the Scriptures published.  First Baptist Church has been uniquely placed by God to provide ministry training and experience through faithful laymen, veteran preachers, evangelists, and missionaries.

If I can assist you as you seek more information, please feel free to contact me through the church office.  May the Lord give you wisdom as you follow Him in His calling for your life.

In His work together,

William Duttry
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Milford