Cordia Horner

Cordia Horner leads the Language Arts and Linguistics concentration at BSWE and received her Master’s Degree in Education from Pensacola Christian College. She spent time teaching at Pensacola before coming to serve at BSWE.


Aaron Lanier

Aaron Lanier received his Masters of Divinity from Pensacola Christian College. Aaron Lanier assists in providing instruction in Bible and North American Ministries concentrations at BSWE and heads up the Biblical Text component of our Languages Arts and Linguistics concentration.


David Martin

David Martin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education from Rock of Ages Bible College and Seminary and possesses an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Louisiana Baptist University. Brother Martin is a retired pastor and leads our North American Ministry concentration.


Larry Quinlan

Larry Quinlan is a veteran missionary having spent thirty years as a church planter in Indonesia. Larry heads up the Missions concentration at BSWE. He received his BS in Missions from Baptist Bible College and has an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Freedom University and Seminary.


David Williamson

David Williamson is a graduate of BSWE possessing a four year diploma in North American Ministries. He received his BS in Business Management from Cappella University and is currently working toward a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Brother Williamson retired as Lieutenant from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office where he served as training commander. He directs the college and provides instruction in Bible and North American Ministries concentrations.

Adjunct Professors

Dr. William Duttry -  First Baptist Church of Milford, Senior Pastor

Dr. Charles Keen -  firstBible International, Founder

Dr. Charles Shoemaker -  Church Planting America, Founder

Dr. Beth Smyth - Veteran Missionary

Corey Knopf - First Baptist Church of Milford, Family Pastor

Daniel Jessup - Master Ministries, Director